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Friday, 6 - 09 - 2013

We take a look inside Sam Buffa’s latest barbershop franchise, FELLOW BARBER, in SoHo, New York. The 800 square-foot space and 600 square-foot outdoor patio were mostly designed by Buffa himself. The interior is furnished with classic old-school barber chairs and white metal countertops with mahogany-inlayed mirrors. Grooming products from the likes of ODIN, Malin + Goetz, Kent and Juniper Ridge stock the shelves, with Buffa soon to launch his own line of FELLOW BARBER products before the end of 2013. He will also begin an in-store grooming guide program in which experts will showcase advice on how to use certain products. Visit 33 Crosby Street, New York, for $40 haircuts and shaves or a quick $25 buzz. No appointments, walk-ins only.


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